Illustration (The Drawing Space) — (2008 to 2013)

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Portfolio sample of illustrated works

Emerging from a place of mirth and childlike naiveté, The Drawing Space brings together creative expression with a spirit of experimentation.

I embarked on my illustrious career as an illustrator and graphic designer in 2008. Beginning my journey with a childhood passion for art and design, I accrued skills related to illustration. With a commitment to enriching lives through art. I was able to work with a list of clients, commencing a career marked by passion, dedication, and a relentless pursuit of excellence.

Opportunities allowed for a wide ranging showcases and exhibitions
Commissioned works range from wall murals to graphics for advertising campaigns
Publication design to illustrated books
Postcards Series
Experimenting with traditional & digital media — Postcards Series
Match Up! Campaign
The Happiness of the Imperfectionalities
Awarded Bronze for the Crowbar Awards 2009 under Illustration for Print/Craft
Toy Robot Typeface
Where Have the Ships Gone? — Shirt Design
The Food Lover’s Journey — Illustrated Book
The Food Lover’s Journey — Details
Wonderland Tea Party
Xiao Dou Had a Fall! — Picture Book
Xiao Dou Had a Fall! — Read-A-Loud
Xiao Dou Had a Fall! — Details

Inspired by subtle hues and quirky shapes, the illustration studio is passionate about harnessing playful energies, transforming simple drawings into a powerful tool of communication, and creating beautiful, meaningful stories.

Since 2008, The Drawing Space’s fun characters and imaginative visuals have adorned numerous posters, flyers and murals across a wide range of industries including arts and culture, fashion, sports and government agencies.

The Drawing Space is keen to collaborate with writers and publishers to create fully-illustrated children’s books, and connect with fellow creatives.

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A space to share my journey as a multidisciplinary designer.