Contemporary Art — (2016)

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Gallery Assistant, ShanghART Singapore

In 2016, I joined ShanghART Singapore as a gallery assistant, where my responsibilities were a dynamic blend of marketing, research, and a deep engagement with contemporary art.

I conducted comprehensive research on over 20 artists represented by the gallery, honing my expertise in the ever-evolving art landscape. Assisting the head of marketing, I played a pivotal role in launching the online marketing channels for their outpost in Singapore, crafting engaging content for various social media platforms to connect with the public.

My meticulous attention to detail was evident in my monthly updates to the internal inventory, ensuring the seamless management of the gallery’s large-sized artworks.

Hosting collectors, artists, and VIPs during exhibition openings showcased my strong interpersonal and networking skills. Furthermore, I facilitated captivating tours around the gallery during visiting hours and special events, such as Art After Dark and Art Day Out at Gillman Barracks, deepening my connection to the art community and enriching my understanding of contemporary art’s significance in our cultural landscape.

Gillman Barracks: Contemporary Arts Cluster
Artists in residency — BIRDHEAD
One of the exhibitions opening. The residency of BIRDHEAD from Shanghai
The Dynamics — Group exhibition

ShanghArt has consistently been a prominent participant in major art events of global significance, including prestigious showcases like Art Basel and the Shanghai Biennale.

My time at ShanghArt Singapore provided me with a solid foundation in the realm of contemporary art. In addition to gaining hands-on experience within the gallery, I supplemented my knowledge by actively engaging with various online resources.

I explored comprehensive platforms like Artsy, which exposed me to a vast collection of contemporary art from around the world, and Artforum, where I delved into articles, reviews, and news related to the contemporary art scene. Artnews offered further insights into the broader art community, while Contemporary Art Daily provided daily updates on exhibitions and events, enriching my understanding with high-quality images and information.

Additionally, I sought inspiration and critical perspectives from Frieze, a renowned art magazine that offered valuable insights into contemporary art and culture. This well-rounded exposure has deepened my appreciation for contemporary art and its dynamic landscape.

ShanghART Singapore

ShanghArt Singapore is an extension of the renowned ShanghArt gallery based in China, bringing a touch of contemporary art excellence to the Lion City. Located in the vibrant Gillman Barracks precinct, this gallery serves as a dynamic platform for both emerging and established artists from Asia and beyond. With its thought-provoking exhibitions and commitment to artistic innovation, ShanghArt Singapore has become a significant player in the city-state’s burgeoning art scene. The gallery’s dedication to promoting cutting-edge contemporary art and fostering cultural exchange has made it a must-visit destination for art enthusiasts and collectors in Singapore and the wider region.

More about them: ShanghART Gallery 香格纳画廊香格纳画廊

My experience in social media marketing at ShanghART Singapore has been both rewarding and enlightening, but it has also made me realize the need for continuous growth and adaptation in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

I enrolled in the Squared+ Digital Marketing course from AVADO in 2021 as it presents itself as the ideal opportunity to take my skills to the next level. It’s clear that this program not only offers a comprehensive understanding of customer engagement but also integrates valuable leadership principles into its curriculum.

As someone who has witnessed the fast-paced nature of the marketing industry firsthand, I am motivated to enroll in Squared+ to not only enhance my digital marketing skills but also develop the leadership mindset needed to lead successful campaigns in today’s dynamic business environment.




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